News: Culver City Seido's Approach to Competition

Culver City Seido's Approach to Competition

Competition and cooperation are two modes of interaction that engage us throughout our lives. West LA Seido Karate recognizes the need for being skillful at both. We channel the cooperative instinct in the dojo in a variety of ways, ritual courtesy being the most visible. We also give our competitive nature its due. In weekly sparring classes and periodic tournaments throughout the year, the West LA Seido program provides the eligible student with sufficient opportunities to "test" her or himself in controlled but intense contests.

The word competition comes from Latin, where it meant "to seek with." In Seido Karate-do, when we compete we remember that we improve quicker and surer with our opponent or training partner's challenging presence in the dojo. Competition seen from this perspective becomes a way in which we, with our training partners, "seek together" to improve. We use each other in this intentional, mutually acknowledged process on our way to attaining our separate goals. Such a conscious process creates a deep bond with others and from that bond we can feel respect for them as well as for ourselves.

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